We offer consulting services to students who are interested of attending a foundation, an undergraduate or a postgraduate program in the United Kingdom, USA, Australia and many more other countries in all over the world.


Our company and our well-trained personnel, offer guidance and advice to students who are currently attending public or private schools of secondary education to secure a place at a proper university in 27 countries.


Our scope is to assist all students to select the correct subjects in order to receive successful offer from the universities of their choice. Choice of the right course at the right college or university at affordable cost to get the best education is very crucial for a student. It is the target of Britcol Educational Services to provide professional guidance on all these aspects.


Our organisation focuses to guide students to the best possible institutions thus enabling them to build their future careers. We are committed to provide our students with a high-class service to assist them get prepared for study in a high profile university. 


We welcome you and your parents to our office to join our friendly team. Please remember that our students’ success is directly linked to our success.


Our team is also visiting once a year UK and European Universities in order to be able to suggest the best options possible to our future students.