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California Institute of Advanced Management 


CiAM is a premier experiential learning university specializing in one single, revolutionary MBA program, designed to provide you with "battle ready" business skills for today's ever-changing business world. Whether you want to be an entrepreneur, enhance value to your existing employer, or transition to a new career, the California Institute of Advanced Management's MBA program will help get you where you want to go.

Experiential learning is the practice of learning and obtaining new skills through experience. This is in contrast to passive learning where students are simply lectured facts that they then have to memorize. Ironically, experiential learning is commonplace in our lives, except in business education. Cooks learn by cooking, coders learn by coding and we all learn how to ride a bike by actually riding one. This is the natural way obtaining all the major skills in our lives. So why is it that business students don’t learn by working on real business challenges?

To address this issue, students who enroll at CiAM have the opportunity to work on up to 8 consulting projects with US-based businesses. This is a unique part of our program. Students work in small teams to complete a pro bono consulting project for local businesses. Furthermore, service is provided at absolutely zero financial cost to the clients.

With real-world business experience as our core, we provide you the opportunity to build a portfolio of business accomplishments during your education. CiAM's MBA will benefit you throughout your lifetime.

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