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“I am not the first to realize and I shall not be the last to point out that the graduates here today have, by their industry and intelligence, turned a dream into a reality.”  John T. Hoggard


Legendary Wilmington College President John T. Hoggard began his remarks at the institution’s first commencement ceremony in May 1949 with these heartfelt words. He reflected on the efforts by local leaders and citizens to establish a place of higher learning in Wilmington, recognizing their commitment to a project designed to enhance the quality of life in the region by offering “ambitious young men and women” the advantage of an excellent education.


UNCW will be recognized for excellence in everything it does, for its global mindset and for its community engagement.


The University of North Carolina Wilmington, the state's coastal university, is dedicated to the integration of teaching and mentoring with research and service. Our commitment to student engagement, creative inquiry, critical thinking, thoughtful expression and responsible citizenship is expressed in our baccalaureate and master's programs, as well as doctoral programs in areas of expertise that serve state needs. Our culture reflects our values of diversity and globalization, ethics and integrity, and excellence and innovation. 

Strategic Priorities 

  • Attract and retain high-quality, diverse students, faculty and staff; ensure an inclusive campus culture and a global mindset; and increase retention and graduation rates.

  • Enhance learning experiences and educational programs; and advance research and scholarly activities.

  • Enable and nurture a sense of a student-centered community by enhancing academic advising and student support programs for career placement and graduate school.

  • Organize for success, engage with our community and the world, and communicate our efforts broadly and effectively.

  • Fund strategic initiatives by building on strong relationships with all stakeholders.


These priorities will be pursued in an environment that promotes the free exchange of thoughts and opinions, where human dignity is affirmed and respect for each individual is paramount. 


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