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Quasar Design University - Rome, Italy


Quasar Design University was born in Rome in 1987, thanks to a group of professionals and university teachers, as a research and training structure focusing on the study and planning of the environment, products and new forms of communication.


Today, with over twenty-five years’ experience, Quasar Design University continues on its mission as a completely self-financing and independent private facility. It selects its teaching staff from renowned professionals and experts. It is the original author of teaching programmes that it applies in training that is constantly updated to respond effectively to the changing world of work. It has a dedicated staff to guide and direct the work of its students.


It has its base in the centre of Rome that comes with efficient and up-to-date equipment, which welcomes students from all over the world. The desire to always maintain the high quality of training has encouraged the concentration of its activities in a single centre for teaching and development that integrates the culture of design in its various expressions.


Within the macro-sphere “design and visual communication”, research and training focus on these areas: interior and garden design; restructuring and renovation of buildings; product, furniture and exhibit design; advertising, publishing and multimedia graphics; digital photography and videomaking; web & interaction design; 3D computer graphics, visual effects and animation; yacht design.


Training is carried out in programmes of different intensity and duration:

  • Bachelor’s Degree (3 years)

  • Professional qualification (15 months)

  • Academic Master (12 months)

  • Open (of varying duration)


Qualifications issued
Quasar Design University has been operating for over twenty years as an officially authorized facility for professional training. The qualifications and specializations awarded at the end of the three-year and professional training courses are legally valid for employment purposes. In addition, the courses allow the acquisition of university credits (ECTS) in accordance with the educational regulations of the host institutions in Italy and abroad.

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